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Our Story


The holy Bat Sheva Chaya Esther Mikvah is named for Bat Sheva Kanelsky OB"M, the daughter of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Kanelsky, as well as Chaya Esther Zaltzman OB"M, the mother of Rebbetzin Kanelsky.


Bat Sheva Kanelsky OB"M passed away 20 years ago after being in this world for just 65 days. She was named after the mutual grandmother of both Rabbi and Rebbetzin Kanelsky. Bat Sheva was born just 2 days prior to the Yahrtzeit of the grandmother she was named after. Mrs. Bat Sheva Chein OB"M had remarkable Mesiras Nefesh to go to the Mikvah, even during the years of  WWII in Kazakhstan.


Chaya Esther Zaltzman OB"M, the mother of Rebbetzin Kanelsky, tragically passed in a car accident on the Eve of Yom Kippur. Her Mesiras Nefesh for the mitzvah of Mikvah was extraordinary. Going to the Mikvah meant traveling 36 hours each way by train, and the cost of the train ride was half of the monthly salary of her husband, R' Berel Zaltzman, may he be healthy and well.


Bat Sheva Chaya Esther Mikvah is a state-of-the-art mikvah: a jacuzzi and amenities in each room, soft music plays throughout the facility, a lovely fragrance wafts through the air, and exit doors positioned in a way that no one sees any other woman who came to immerse. All who use the mikvah attest to its tranquil and pleasing atmosphere.

New filters were purchased from Mikvah-Tech in Israel, which keeps the water pure and clean constantly. A huge undertaking was building a reservoir to change the Mei Geshamim as needed, thus ensuring that the water is always at its ideal purity. New towel, robes, soap dispensers, shower heads...... A station was set up near the netilas yadaim sinks with perfumes and lotions. In addition, an iconic picture of the Rebbe is displayed, which that, too, serves as a blessing for children.

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